Grantee: Hope Builders
Applying For Grants

The Ueberroth Family Foundation requires a Letter of Inquiry for any organization that hasn’t received funding in the last 3 years. Please submit one month prior to the March 1st or September 1st grant deadlines.

All letters of inquiry should be no more than 2-3 pages and should include:

  • A brief summary of the project or need
  • Amount requested
  • All other funding pending or committed

Letters of Inquiry should be submitted electronically to

Due to volume, only those organizations being invited to submit a full proposal will receive a response.

Ueberroth Family Foundation grants are donated to nonprofit, charitable organizations in support of their efforts to improve the quality of life in their communities. Funding will be directed towards programs that the Directors determine best reflects the foundation’s philosophy.

Most of our funding is limited to the geographical boundary of Orange County or where our directors live. This policy enables us to partner with non-profit agencies and to make strategic investments in leaders and programs.

The foundation favors projects that:

  • Assist at-risk youth and other vulnerable populations
  • Promote quality education
  • Provide access to health care and human services

Grant applications should be submitted no later than March 1 or September 1. Funds are not granted for individual scholarships, religious institutions, debt retirement or budget deficits. We will consider grant proposals for core operating support and capital campaigns.

Please send hard-copy grant requests through the postal system. E-mailed applications will NOT be accepted. Please do not send dvds. No certified or registered letters will be accepted.


Every organization receiving a grant from The Ueberroth Family Foundation has a responsibility to report on the use of the funds granted. We request a simple follow up report that provides an update on the organization or program that was funded. Timing of that update should be between six and twelve months after receiving funding. Failure to report could influence future grant decisions.

  1. Agency name, address, phone number and contact name.
  2. Description of the program/project to be funded.
  3. Grant amount requested.
  4. Other sources of funding – committed and pending.
  5. Current budget and last annual financial statement.
  6. Board of Directors List
  7. Copy of the agency’s federal nonprofit tax-exemption letter. All applicants must be qualified under the 501(c3) of the IRS code.